“Just Do What You Want”

I fucking hate those words.
“Just do what you want.”

It never means that.
It either means a) You’ll do whatever you fucking please so why are you even asking? B) I don’t give a shit. c) I don’t like any option you’ve given me, so whatever. Or in my personal experience: D) I’m busy trying to play my game so I don’t have time right now to talk about something so do whatever.

We had some money sitting in our account.
Not a lot by a long shot – but enough that I didn’t want it to just get spent on shit.
So I said last night, okay, what are we paying off?
He said “Do whatever you want.”
And so I did.

Now this morning, he has looked at the account and said “So, how is the car coming out? Have we paid this bill and that bill?”

And I’m like FUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKKKKWhy could you not have taken two seconds to say that last night?

I do not handle the finances in our household, and for good reason.
I don’t want to.
Of COURSE I have access to the accounts – I don’t mean that.
I pay the rent and one other bill and that’s about it. Because it’s too much for me to care about.
And when I do, it seems I stuff up. But I am totally not responsible for this one.

What is the worst stuff up you’ve made when you were told “Do whatever you want”?


3 thoughts on ““Just Do What You Want”

  1. I was told by my ex to do whatever. So I went on a spontaneous trip to Sydney for two nights with a mutual friend. My ex was completely insecure our entire relationship, and we ended our relationship a few months after this incident (mind you, it was a long time coming).

    But I had a really awesome time away! And the mutual friend is now my husband 🙂

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