Old Mum. New Mum.


My mum had always been big.
I never really noticed it as a child. She was cuddly. Comfortable. Comforting.
I noticed it more as I got older. I had another kid point and laugh at her once. I was embarrassed and I felt terrible for her and for me but I never said anything to either of them.
I remember my Dad used to tell her she was fat.
The most memorable of these moments was when he drew a line in pen on her thigh and wobbled it, to see how far it moved.
(I must point out my father has never been intentionally nasty. He sincerely believed that he was helping by pointing out her flaws. Definitely needed some education on dealing with women.)

Mum would go on diets. I remember them. Jenny Craig. That pill that makes you physically ill when you eat “bad” food.
We ate terribly. The fish and chips shop new us by name. We had sausages a lot.
My mum did what she could.
She never had a good role model as a child and with four of us, time was prime.
As I got older, it was motivation. She has arthritis very bad. I didn’t want to get like that.
Then she had ridiculously high blood pressure.
I got angry. I have children that I wanted to grow up with their beautiful grandmother. Didn’t she Care?!

I have blood pressure issues too and once again it motivated me. I didn’t want to put my children through the worry.

My mum witnessed my sisters and I getting fit.
Something must have clicked.
She wanted to be healthy and she wanted to do it for her.
She booked in to get her double knee replacement.
She started going to the gym.
She was making better choices for us and in turn making better choices for herself. She once again became motivation, but not because I didn’t want to end up like that, because so much, I want to be like that.

She is an amazing woman.
So much strength and determination.

So much heart.

She has turned her life around. She has shown everyone that anything can be turned around.

She has shown that determination is everything.

I have always loved my mum. She healed my cuts and listened to my stories. She comforted me. She was my rock. She defended me. She loved me unconditionally.

But now. Now she loves herself and I can see it.
She always put everyone else before her.
Now she’s putting herself first.
It’s not that she’s losing weight.
It’s that she’s realizing she is worth it. She is worth making the effort for. And she’s doing it.
And I love her for it.she has always been an inspiration in how to put your children first. On How to Love unconditionally. And now she is showing how to love yourself.
She is an inspiration.

She is my mum.
And I am so lucky.
I love her.


2 thoughts on “Old Mum. New Mum.

  1. Congrats to your Mum, she looks fab! Very inspirational to all of us out there trying to lose weight and live a healthy lifestyle. So we can all be here for our children and their children 🙂

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