My Doctor And His Wife’s Contraception. And An (external) Giveaway.

My doctor is an amazing doctor.
So amazing, that often I call him and he is booked out.

Often I forget to call him and he is booked out.
This makes me sad. My doctor once complimented me on my recent weight loss and told me that I should have a chat to his wife. He is hilarious.

Another time, he asked how my *ahem* monthlies were going after having the implanon taken out as they were pretty much constant spotting. I told him they were great, regular. And he was like “Oh, I’m so happy for you! My wife, once she had the depo needle and period of 3 months. I say “What is the point of contraception if we have no sex?” She didn’t get it again.”

As much as I enjoy my Doctor visits, I do wish I could book online. No one has time to make a phone call with screaming kids.
Between Dexter whining about wanting something to eat and Lola repeatedly saying “Excuse me, I love you” (yes, it IS cute the first 20 times of the day) it would be so much easier to go online and click what appointment I want and done.

That’s where  1st available

Comes in.
So we (the bookee? User?) customer just go online and book. You can book your specific doctor. If your doctor doesn’t HAVE the service, you send them an email saying you demand they evolve into online bookings (but it’s worded much nicer than that) and they sign up. It integrates into their systems.
If they choose not to sign up (which is silly) then you can find a new Doctor on there.

Or you can find a dentist.
Or, if you’re on holidays, a chemist open late because you’ve been bitten by 100,000 midgies and those bites fucking suck.

And First Available love you guys so much, they are doing a giveaway.
This is where the giveaway part comes in.


And you register.
You have the chance to win a 12 month private health care membership paid for you just for registering.
And registering is free.
And it will always be free.

I wish I had a free private healthcare membership.
Then I could go to the dentist instead of waiting 3 weeks to get my tooth fixed 😦


And yes, I go in the draw to win stuff based on the amount of people who sign up using my unique link.
It is a competition for me as much as it is for you.


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