We Can Do Hard Things

It feels like everything is hard these days.
I’m sick still. And I’m so tired.

With these two things, my clean eating has gone right out the window.
Because it’s hard. It takes preparation and dedication and time.
All things I don’t feel like I have right now.

Blogging is hard.
My brain is foggy from needing sleep and too many antibiotics.
I don’t know what to write about that you want to read.

Adding cardio to my workouts is hard.
I just don’t enjoy it.
I’m trying to find a bike trailer for the kids so that most days other than personal training days (and leg days!) I can ride my bike into town, kids in tow.
Finding one of these is hard.
Finding the money for this is hard.

My business didn’t work. That is hard.
After all the time I put into it, doing research that said people wanted it and knowing that they really just wanted somewhere to play for free – the is hard.
Having people who know nothing about business telling me where I went wrong, is hard.
The debt this leaves us with is hard.

Having to cancel my engagement party is hard.
And sad.(Not because there is a problem with TD and I – it’s a family issues kind of thing)

Getting to the gym is hard.
There are a million other things I’d rather do.
Like sleep. A million sleeps.

Parenting the kids is hard.
They are so full of life and bounce that is just escapes them as noise going 1000 miles an hour and I just get so tired of it.
I just want a sleep.

There is no one to help us and that is hard.
My Mum had a double knee replacement on Wednesday and that is hard.Tattoodaddy is keepign the house spotless and to me, this is very hard. I have to try very hard to not take it as a personal insult as I know it’s not one. I know he is helping me because I feel horrid and I’m trying to do my course. But it means I feel like I’m failing in my  “duties” and that is hard.

Ultimately I know my kids are happy and fed.
I know I will get better.
I know that another opportunity will arise and I am actively working toward this.

Right now though, it’s just so hard.

But I can do hard things.
*penis joke* 😉

2 thoughts on “We Can Do Hard Things

  1. Admitting that that these parts of your life are hard is a HARD thing to do. Writing about it, is HARD. But having done that, you can now move forward. By not trying to be super wife and mother and acepting the help you receive is hard but you can concentrate on getting better and back to normal. Having a business fail is shit!! both emitionally and financially BUT you know you TRIED! you wont be wondering what if I had ? You are stronger and have more knowledge from the experience. Dont rehash it, just put it to bed. Mum will recovery well as she has a wonderful strong family to support her, not forgetting her pig-headed stubborness (lol). You have my number, msg me yours if you need, more than happy to be your long distance ‘sounding board’ or shoulder. xox

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