Excuses Make You Weak

excusesI hate excuses.
I’m sick of people making them at me.
I don’t have time.
I don’t have the money.
It’s too hard.

Do you know what you may as well be saying?
“I can’t be bothered.”
“I’m not worth it.”
“I have things to do that I think are more important.”
“I’m too worried that I’ll never be able to eat cakes and pies again.”

Seriously, be honest with yourself.

You don’t need a gym membership to move.
Go for a walk. Go for a ride. Take your children.
They will love it. And they will love YOU for it. Every time you move with your kids, you’re getting healthier, you’re endurance is going up. Soon, you WILL be that parent running around with their children instead of being the one sitting down thinking “Fuck, how does she do it?!”
Every time you move you make yourself a little bit happier.

Trust me.
I made excuses thee past 3 weeks.
I was too sick.
I was too tired.
I didn’t have the energy.

I wasn’t lying to myself. I knew it was bullshit.
I was being lazy. I couldn’t be bothered.

And I suffered for it.
I missed the energy I gain from the gym.
I miss the me time I have at the gym.
My motivation suffered and my eating suffered.
The worst part about making excuses is the longer you make them, the easier it is to start believing them.

And be careful – when you get close to your goals, or even just closer to yours than others are to theirs, people will start making excuses for you.
“Don’t worry, you can afford to eat that extra piece of chocolate – look how great you look!”
“You go to the gym all the time, you can skip a day so we can go to lunch!”
“It’s just one day – it doesn’t matter!”

But it does matter.
Why? Because by making these excuses for you, they are planting doubt in your mind about what you’re doing. About your goals and your ambitions.
And that is not what you need.
You need to have faith.
You need to believe.
You need to remember why you are doing this. Why you started.
You need to remember the feeling of accomplishment sore, aching muscles brings you.
You need to remember the pride of a new personal best.
You need to remember the look of admiration in your children’s eyes when you run through the park with them.

You need to remember you are doing this because YOU deserve to be the best you that you can be.


2 thoughts on “Excuses Make You Weak

  1. Love love love this post & couldn’t agree more. Our favorite pastime is to go running at the park, my 2 & 3 yr old love it & when they are waiting for hubby & I at one of our events, it is the best feeling! Excuses are easy to make & we’ve all been guilty of it 🙂

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