Feel Good Challenge Ch-Wednesday

200415493-001I know it sounds really simple, but it’s totally not.
Especially when you have children and work and partners and parents and all those other people who are all very worthy of your time but sometimes they take up so much of it you forget about Numero Uno.
If you’re not in a good space, your household, family, work – all those things won’t be right.
And you’ll get worse because you’re bogged down.
And all those things get worse because corners get cut and things get forgotten.

I’m speaking from experience

It can be whatever. Play a video game. Read a book. Sit outside with a coffee and stare at the grass and don’t move until you’ve finished. do some Thai Chi. Online shopping. Bake something. Go for a run.
Something that makes you feel good and is just for you.

From last weeks challenge, I actually really struggled with it – I don’t meet that many people in a day! So I’m going to just continue on with it, giving people genuine compliments whenever I can!


Show me it's not just my Mum that reads my blog... Comment please?

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