I’m Going to Fill You In On a Little Secret!

An inspiring post from my sister

I'm not perfect, I'm me!

Since posting my progress photo on Facebook I have had a few people message me saying ‘Wow you are looking great, what’s your secret?’ or ‘what do you use to motivate you?’
Now, I am certainly the type of person who likes to help and motivate others. But I truly believe that if you can’t motivate yourself you aren’t going to get the results you want and if you do they certainly wont last.

What motivates me is the changes I see not only in my body, but in my health and fitness. My life in general is better. I make better choices and I am happier. I have more energy and more confidence. Inspiring others to change their lives motivates me.

Now, for the secret…


That is it. My secret to success.
I work hard. I go to the gym six days a week, work my ass off for…

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