Motivation Monday – Determination

Take one of these pictures.
Put it up on your wall, your mirror, your fridge.
Convince yourself you can do it.
Believe in yourself.

I have gotten this far because I am determined to see how far I can go and I believe I can do it.

What are you determined to do?

determination1 Determination2 determination3 determination4 determination5 determined

the Featured Image (You will cry…) really spoke to me. Because I have done all of those things. I have struggled. I have sweated. I have cried.
I have definitely wanted to give up.
but more than giving up, I wanted to give myself something to be proud of.
I wanted to give myself confidence, happiness, strength, fitness.
and I’m getting there.

The harder I work, the luckier I get. It’s true.
Good things come to those who hustle.


4 thoughts on “Motivation Monday – Determination

  1. You are a great inspiration to me as I continue on my journey to find me again and not just be mum, but also be as fit & healthy as I can for my children, and myself. I love all your instagram pictures, you’re looking so fabulous!

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