Yesterday I Cried at the Gym

imageThis was me yesterday.
I cried.

Plain and simple, I cried.

My breaking point was found and tested.
It was pushed against.
It was moved and then I cried.

I said “I can’t” with tears in my eyes and Superman (my pt) said “Of course you can. Come on.”
And I did.
And I cried.

That moment of “can’t” brought every single doubt in my head, every single worry right now, up to the surface.

The gym is my safe place. My happy place. It’s the place where eventually, I will be able to do anything.

Most people, if they are entirely honest with themselves, aren’t afraid of failure, they are afraid of success.
They are afraid of seeing how far they can go.
They are afraid of knowing opportunities are endless.
They are afraid of being the best because where is there to go after that?
They are afraid of reaching goals because then what next?

I refuse to be afraid of being better than I am today.
I refuse to worry about what comes next.
Instead I will plan and I will succeed.

I know I can do what I set my mind to. Yesterday was weigh in and measurements.
As I expected, my weight has stayed the same (around 62kg – I’m 173cm tall) and I’m completely happy with this weight.
My body fat percentage however, has gone down.
I am now at 19.17% which puts me inside the Athletic range for women.
This makes me ridiculously happy. The goal was 17% but we’ll see when we get there.



10 thoughts on “Yesterday I Cried at the Gym

  1. You can always do it Jess you just need to have more faith in yourself!!!
    And remember harden up pussy
    ❀ superman

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