Motivation Monday – Fear

Today’s motivation is fear.
I suffer anxiety. Sometimes it’s really serious and other times not so much.
But it is a constant in my life.
It is definitely part of the reason I cried at the gym.
Both the fear of failing and the fear of being brilliant.

It is hard to acknowledge that you are afraid. In a world where we are told to be strong and not show any weakness, fear is seen as a weakness.

But if I did not show my fear, I would not be being true to myself. I would not be a good role model to my children if I did not show them that fear is a viable emotion and it is only when we feel fear that we can be brave.
The actions we take when we are confronted by fear are far more meaningful than those we make with ease.

The choices we make when fear is involved are life changing – as long as we choose to confront it. As long as we choose to not let it define us.As long as we choose to acknowledge that right in this moment I am afraid, but if I face this fear now, tomorrow will be a little bit better. And the day after that. And the day after that. And one day I will look back on this fear and wonder why I feared at all.

This week’s motivation is very meaningful to me as I have had anxiety all week about my new job. Because I love my job. I love the opportunity it has given me and the place that I have been put in. And because of this, I fear. I fear something will go wrong. I fear I will do something wrong. I fear I will not be good at it. fearing these things is pointless as they are all thing I control.

I think that is the biggest lesson.
I control the fear.
I choose to let it motivate me, not define me.


fear 2fearfear1fear3fear4fear5Take a poster. Put it on your wall. Let it motivate you.
Repeat it to yourself until you know it to be true.
Believe you are stronger than what you fear.

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