imageWe had a winter solstice celebration with our friends on Friday night.

We each brought a plate of food, and we ate together. We hung out and we shared the best things about our year so far. In the northern hemisphere Winter Solstice is the end of the year so you are able to go over your whole year and get the best parts from it. I do like it being at the 6 month mark for us though – I feel that going over the year so far makes you look at it a little more closely and gives you time to adjust anything not working for you and make changes to still have a good year.

We gave each other a simple gift – we kept it gender neutral and under $10 – which apparently translates to an awesome nerdy mug to most people šŸ˜‰ HELLLOOOOO awesome pacman mug.Pat got a potted ginger plant which is amazing too.

When we were talking about the best things of our year so far I realised I’ve never been in a better place in my life than I am now. I’m completely content.
I have the best friends in my life that I’ve ever had. Physically, mentally, emotionally, I’ve never been in a better place.
I have real friends. People who have a similar interests, sense of humor…
People who inspire me and I inspire in turn. I have great relationships.

Obviously there are still things I am striving for but I am so happy right now.



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