When Kids Steal

We talk a lot about stealing in our house.
Mainly because Dexter has a habit of going to the pantry and taking things he knows he probably wouldn’t be allowed to have if he asked for it.
Because he knows he’s not allowed to have it, and he took it without asking, it’s stealing.

Yesterday he was cleaning out his bag from daycare, giving us his washing from the day (jumping in puddles like Peppa Pig) and he pulled out some Cars flash cards. These were not his Cars flash cards.
We asked him who’s cards they were. He told us they were daycare’s and he took them because he wanted them. He knew it was stealing.

He is taking them back today and he is going to apologise to daycare.
We will ask that he is not allowed to play with those cards for a while and that he has some other form of punishment such as extra helping with the cleaning.

I just don’t want it to become a habit…


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