Priority Shift


This is what I woke up to this morning. my two amazing, beautiful children who had come into bed for snuggles. They climbed in at 6 am we slept until 8.

Last night, I felt a shift in my priorities.
As parents we are told so often to slow down, enjoy the time we have with our children because all too soon they will be grown up and they will be the ones who are too busy for us.

Last night, Dolores was crying at about 11:45pm and I went in to settle her. She just wanted a cuddle and didn’t want to be put down. I started getting frustrated and thinking about all the things I needed to do, the cleaning, the getting ready for work, the food prep, my course. I laid down on the bed, to put her to sleep, not because I really wanted to, but because it would be the quickest way to get back to what I needed to be doing.

Last night, as I laid there, with her warm weight on top of me, the weight of her body on my chest and her breathing slowing and rhythmic until she fell asleep, I realised this was exactly what I needed to be doing. This was a moment that would never come back. We would never have this day again. There would be others perhaps, but not this one.

And if I didn’t take that moment, who knew when the next one would be? How could I imagine anything was more important than my child being comforted to sleep in arms that will hold her no matter what.

Last night I realised that indeed, the vacuuming really will be there tomorrow. The clothes will be there, lunches can be bought, deadlines can be extended. But this? This beautiful fleeting moment? I may have never had that again. Especially if I didn’t take the chance when it came.

And so I will have these moments. And my vacuuming will wait. because although I am a lot of things, I am also a mother. And being a mother is the most important role I have.



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