So, Pap smear… How Do You Want To Do This?

drdrYes, my Doctor said those words to me on Wednesday.
Not the Ravishing thing, the “So, Pap Smear, how do you want to do this?”

First it started with me getting a phone call from the receptionist “The Dr asked me to give you a call and make you an appointment… I think it’s for a pap smear”
I don’t know how, but she managed to both whisper and loudly emphasise Pap smear at the same time”

TD and Dolores were in the room as the first part of the appointment was to get her chest checked as she has a pretty nasty cough at the moment. An antibiotic prescription later, it was my turn.

He says to TD “Did you want to stay and watch? I don’t mind, it’s just my job.”
TD looks mortified (as probably do I!) and replies “Hell no, I was at the births and that was bad enough. I’ll just be out here!” And promptly exited stage left.

So the usual, get undressed all that jazz knees together, fall out, here’s the sheet etc etc.
And then he says “So, how have you been?”
As if having a conversation while checking out a cervix is something he does all.the.time.
And so we had a conversation.
Because let’s face it, checking out cervixes IS something he does all the time. I told him that he needed to call my mum and make sure she had hers too. And probably my sisters.

Then, I got dressed and he told me I would get a phone call and they would probably tell me everything was fine.
He asked me if there was anything else and I asked him if there is anything I need to be concerned about with my blood pressure medication and the surgery process of getting breast implants. I told him about going overseas scarying me and he regaled me with a tale of himself going overseas for dental surgery that was done in India and was world class and only cost him $100 BUT – and there is always a but – the assisting dentist was wearing the same pair of gloves whilst going between patients!

All this was regaled to me whilst he as taking my blood pressure because I tend to get a bit white around the collar and my blood pressure jumps any time someone mentions taking my blood pressure!

And then we had a fun time looking at plastic surgeons in the area and ones that I had already researched myself.
He is a great doctor.

My point being, everyone has to have pap smears.
Just do  it. You know it’s not actually as bad as you work it up to be anyway.
And once you’ve had children, is there really an issue of medical people seeing your girl bits?


3 thoughts on “So, Pap smear… How Do You Want To Do This?

  1. Ever since I had a kid, I just don’t care. I get this stuff done and don’t worry much about it. It is so strange to think of someone who has that profession though, huh? I always wonder what kinds of observations they’ve made over the years….

  2. My doctor was very casual with it, asking about my holidays etc. She was wonderful, barely knew her head was between my legs but she’s since left the practice and I have to find a new dr. That’s the scary bit.

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