Don’t Do It For The Haters


Do it for the haters.
This is a slogan that is used a lot in fitness motivation pages.
All those assholes who said “You couldn’t do it” – do it to prove them wrong.


Why do they matter?
They were an asshole then and they’ll still be an asshole when you get to your goal. And then again when you re=evaluate and set new ones.
There are people who will always be the physical embodiment of that little voice in your head that says “You can’t”.

Why the fuck would you want to do something to please them?
Why would you work your ass off – literally sweat, tears and occasionally blood – for someone who didn’t think you could do it in the first place?
Why would you work so hard to only hear “Oh, don’t lose any more weight, you’ll start to look sick.” or “Oh, don’t you think you’re muscly enough?”
What the fuck business is it of there’s, those who never supported you in the first place, those who never believed in you, those who will continue to find things to whinge and bitch and complain about for you.


I’ll tell you who to do it for. Do it for yourself. Do it for knowing you can. Do it because you’re not sure if you’re going to be able to.
Do it because no one ever got anywhere by doing something they knew they could do. Do it because it makes you feel good. Do it because it makes you feel alive. Do it to be a little bit better than the person you were yesterday.

Do it for your children. Do it to show them you are strong, both physically, mentally and emotionally and you are capable of rising to the challenge. Do it to show them that our bodies are made to move and they do well to do so. Do it so you can run with them, jump with them, commando roll with them. Do it so you can show them how to move their body that will make it work better, stronger, faster and set them up for a long and healthy life. Do it so they understand food is fuel and eating fresh is good. Do it so they know that a treat isn’t something to punish yourself for.

Do it for the ones who say “you inspire me” or “I’m doing this because of you.” Do it for the ones who are up at the 7am boot camp, huffing and puffing along beside you, army crawling through duck shit in the freezing cold, pushing themselves every fucking moment, because of you. Do it for the ones who believe in you. Do it for the ones who congratulate you. Do it for the ones who have decided to change their life, because you have changed yours. Do it for the ones who are on the journey with you, supporting you, pushing, grunting, sweating, aching, sometimes crying because it’s so fucking hard but you keep doing it anyway, for the ones who cry with you when you reach a target you thought unattainable, for the ones who don’t order chips in front of you when they know it’s not your cheat day, for the ones who find a place you can eat at that has clean food, for the ones who understand your motivations, for the ones who respect you enough to say “You can do it.”

They are the ones to do it for.

Fuck the haters, they will always hate you for something.
Do it for the ones that care.
Do it for the ones who know what you’re going through and how hard it is.



6 thoughts on “Don’t Do It For The Haters

  1. Fucking THIS!

    I will give a small hat-tip to the haters though… Being called a “fucking fat whale” by a complete stranger was one of the catalysts that got me angry enough to start, but I can fix my shape. He will always be a barely literate arse.

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