FFS Friday – Fuck Eating Good Food.

fuckI am “getting shredded” at the moment. This means I eat a lot of broccoli and chicken breast and not much else. FFS

I miss carrots and pumpkin. I never thought I’d say that. FFS

Tattoodaddy has picked the past 10 days to suggest we out to lunch as a family to a gourmet burger joint, bring home KFC and make pizza at 9pm at night. FFS

I am pretty sure he is trying to sabotage me. FFS

Only 10 days to go. No FFS

My sister’s birthday is in that time. FFS

On the bright side, I can see it working. No FFS

On the bright side, I haven’t really wanted to eat the past few days because I’ve been dealing with a daughter who had liquids coming from both ends. FFS

It was so bad, I took her to the ED because she was so lethargic. Of course, I just wanted her to have some energy, so I gave her a barley sugar. She threw it up in the car, but obviously she got a sugar hit because at the ED she was literally bouncing around. FFS

Say hello to that mother. FFS

Also tattoodaddy got sick from the KFC. No FFS

Dear Baby G


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