A Challenge And A Promise

love oneself

I am putting a challenge to myself – and you, if you would feel like joining me.
I have let myself slide with both my food and my exercise and I don’t feel well. It’s a horrible cycle really.

I eat poorly, I feel tired. I feel tired and I can’t be bothered to cook decent food so I eat poorly. I am tired so I can’t be bothered to work out. Yes, there are other excuses in there as well. But I’m sick of it. It honestly makes me feel out of control of my life and that is not true.
We are all in control of who we are and what we are.

I will be putting up information for you – recipes, suggestions, ideas as well as some goal sheets for you to fill out.
I would love if you do it with me.
I’d love for you to share your goals and struggles with me.
I am planning on being very honest and very blunt. I do not and will not lie about what I find hard. About how I struggle when it’s been a shit night and all you want is chocolate.

It will probably just get harder with tattoodaddy looking for work away to get us ahead financially.

So I’m making a promise to myself and I would love if you would too:

To fuel my body with good food.
To plan my meals and prepare accordingly.
To have one cheat day a week and enjoy it completely and without guilt.
To set myself difficult goals and push to achieve them.
To not let a setback stop me. To recognise it as a chance to try again.
To not talk badly to OR about myself. To treat myself like I would my best friend.
To believe in myself.


Can you make this promise to yourself too?


3 thoughts on “A Challenge And A Promise

  1. I promise to be there every step of the way helping to inspire and shoulder any concerns. And to whip your butt when you need it. I’m almost at the end of this 12 week but as you know I have about 80 weeks to go^.^ let’s push it girl

  2. I am really bad with eating habits. While I do well for my work outs, I have no self control with food. I have been working on it very slowly of late. For now it has just been about healthier choices and eating smaller meals at decent times rather than the binge eating on crap after the kids go to bed when I really don’t need any food because I should be heading to bed soon myself.
    Some days I do skip a work out, usually because I am tired or because of these nasty headaches I have been getting lately. But mostly I just go because I know that I never regret going and once I’m there I enjoy it.
    Another thing I struggle with is my water intake. I really struggle to drink 2L most days. That’s something I have been pushing hard on.

    I find your journey very inspiring. I think you seem very prepared with your clean eating and work outs so it surprises me to see you admit that you struggle too.

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