Spring Beginnings

So at about 11am on the first day of spring I was hit with some motivation.
I’ve been meaning to have s veggie garden for a year now and just haven’t done it.
So I decided fuck it, let’s do it.
I told the kids we were going to Bunnings (cue yells of “Yay sausages!”) Packed them in the car and off we went.

These veggie gardens are 1200 x 900 x 300 (or 1.2m x 90cm x 30cm for non building minded folk). They were $39.95 each from Aldi – not sponsored.


I let the kids choose which veggies we plant. I figured that if they choose them, the more excited they will be when they watch them grow and finally get to eat them! We have asparagus, celery, eggplant,  corn, zucchini, rockmelon, watermelon and marigolds – which I know aren’t a food but they are pretty and the kids wanted to plant some flowers.


Ever the optimist I was like this will be easy! And proceeded to order a cubic metre (this will fill the three with a bit left over) of soil to be delivered at my house.
Same day.
We don’t own a wheelbarrow.


Luckily it was father’s day so we called tattoodaddy’s grandfather and invited him around for a cup of tea and his present and threw in “and while you’re at it, could you bring the wheelbarrow? ”

And so I was shoveling and wheeling dirt by twilight.


We planted our plants on Monday, because I wasn’t doing that in the dark with two tired children. And I needed a shower.
Pro tip: if you’re gardening with children, make sure you take the time to explain and demonstrate the correct way to remove a seedling from a punnet – learned that after 3 rockmelon  casualties. (Seriously though, those rockmelon need to toughen up because I broke one demonstrating how to do it right)


And then we gave these guys a bath (Molly and Stark). Because I had forgotten if Molly was tan or white. Turns out she is mostly white.

How was your weekend? Did spring fever hit you?


2 thoughts on “Spring Beginnings

  1. Hey, that’s so bizarre! This past weekend we also bought garden beds from ALDI and started a veggie garden! I think we planted zucchini, beetroot, beans, nasturtiums, and sunflowers. 🙂

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