All The Exhausteds.

I know I promised you a challenge with support and recipes and honesty.
I can support you if you want to comment or email me with something you’re struggling with.
Recipes at the moment are not on the top of my to-do list, if I am completely honest with you.

I am all different kinds of exhausted right now.
Mentally, physically, emotionally, financially.

I’m scared about what a Coalition government means for my family. My sister thoughtlessly (and I do believe that – she would never ever say it with the intention of hurting someone, she just doesn’t think sometimes) said that “The only people who are upset that Liberal got in are the people without a job.”
And she is right. I don’t have a job that can support us. Right now, Tattoodaddy does not have a job either. It is fucking hard in Coffs Harbour to find a decent job. there is virtually no opportunities that will work around mothers with young children and there is little in the way of everything else.
We discussed this and it was put to us that we “should just move”. Which might work if we had any money to move with, or a place to go where we would be guaranteed a position.

I am physically exhausted because in spite of my job situation I worked 40 hours in four days last week. A total of 46 for the fortnight. Because everyone else was away. My shifts this week are back down to 8 hours.
I fought off more than one panic attack in the work toilet because I was tired. I missed my children. No one ensured I knew what I was doing after not working there for 2 years, I was just expected to remember everything and get right back into it.

I am emotionally exhausted after receiving an assessment from an OT that says yes, it does look like Dexter has sensory issues in almost all sections. We have been given what I am told is a “sensory diet” to try and help manage him and help him deal with it.
Manage him isn’t the right words, but it’s the best I can do – maybe help him manage his world around him would be more appropriate I think.
We have an OT appointment today so that should be interesting. I’m told she is really good.

I have not been consistently going to the gym because I am just so tired all I want to do is crash. It makes me sad because I still have goals but at the same time a lot of the time I just can’t work up the effort to go. Then I’ll have to go. And smile. And talk to people. I just don’t feel like doing any of it.


6 thoughts on “All The Exhausteds.

  1. No words of advice or comfort, just wishing you well.
    I am not happy about the Coalition winning government, but for me, the sky won’t fall in. I’m one of those white middle class voters they want to look after. But I worry about those less fortunate than me, the ones who have a lot more to lose. I hope it won’t be as bad as we all fear.

  2. šŸ˜¦
    positive thoughts to you and your family.
    I know how it is in coffs harbour.. I believe the unemployment and underemployment rate is at the close to 30% mark.
    Don’t worry too much about the coalition, the senate will stop them getting most things through.
    what sort of experience/skills do you have?
    the best way to make sure opportunity knocks is through networking with the community.
    I work for the biggest companies in Coffs, I’ll shoot you an email next time I see an internal position come up.

    • Thanks Josh!
      I have a cert III in microbusiness and a cert IV in frontline management. It’s more tattoodaddy that needs a job as companies around here aren’t under any pressure to accommodate working mothers. He has all sorts of laboring, safety and working at Heights tickets.

      Day care costs are crazy as well, but I would LOVE a permanent part time position šŸ™‚

      I am very hopeful the Senate will hold the Coalition somewhat restrained as an area like ours would suffer so much under their proposed cuts.

      Thank you so much for your concern šŸ™‚

      • hey no worries!
        you are right that business’s around here are fairly unaccommodating for full time mothers šŸ˜¦ its a sad reality of rural australia, yet most families would prefer to raise their children out side of the city… you would think the government would realise how heavily family oriented rural australia is and start to provide incentives for good work/life balance.
        has your partner tried any of the labour hire groups for the highway projects?

        p.s love your blog, I was a very young parent (teenage parent) and was only with the kids mum for 4 months when she fell pregnant (we lasted 9 years)
        we did end up having to move to the city for work… and it was the worst decision we made..
        can relate to a lot you write šŸ™‚
        keep up the good work.

  3. I’m sending you lots of love and hugs. I completely understand that flat defeated feeling. I am so hurt at the direction this country could take right now with the leadership we (who?) elected. That there are people who could turn their backs on those who need the most help and compassion. If only life were as easy as ‘if you want this do that.’ Sadly a lot of people don’t realise how hard it is until they’ve been there and fortunately many people don’t ever be there. xx

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