Supporting a Passion and Passionate About It


“WHO would have thought a global force like the internet would turn out to make it easier to start a community gourmet food hub in the Orara Valley.

Building on the success of their Harbourside and Nana Glen produce stalls, permaculture farmers Joshua and Tomoko Allen have put out an appeal on the internet for investors in their proposed food based community enterprise.

Known as crowdfunding, investors pledge their support for projects and only pay if funding targets are met. Unlike many other crowdfunding offers, Joshua and Tomoko have developed rewards for investments of as little as $12 and many fresh fruit and vegetable rewards meet or exceed the value of the original pledge.

Josh and Tomoko say: “If you help us reach the target of raising $30,000 by October 24, you will be able to access a farmgate gourmet food stall with locally produced fruit, vegetables, cheeses, dry goods and nature’s super foods.

Visit to learn more, make a pledge and select your reward today.”


That is the official press release – which in itself is pretty impressive.
Here is my one:

I have not met Tomoko, so far I have only had the pleasure of meeting Josh.
His passion for food is amazing. His customer service is amazing and their produce is amazing.

My children are both so excited to go to Synchronicity Farm stall every Sunday at the Harbourside Markets. They are always excited to talk to the man who lets them try the fruit. Josh always takes the time to talk to the kids, tell them what something is. He never tires of their questions of what and why and where.
I can tell, as I watch him interact with my children that he not only loves food, he loves sharing his knowledge of food. He enjoys showing people new things and teaching them something.


He makes food something that is accessible to everyone. Fruit and vegetables at his stall aren’t just that. It is literally like you could eat a rainbow. His passion and flair come through the way he talks as he bounces around the stall, telling you that “You MUST try this Yakon!” (and he was right! It is an amazing vegetable, grows in the ground, slightly sweet, looks like a potato has the texture of a pear sort of)


I have asked them how I can help them achieve their goals.
Helping them, helps me as well. It means fresh amazing produce is available nearby. It means my children have a knowledge of fruits and vegetables I never even knew existed.
Helping them, helps their children. They have two beautiful children who are a great motivation to them in the garden.


I don’t know what else to say other than please, please, if you can – support two lovely people fulfill their dreams.
Karma baby!



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