MEN don’t rape.

Warning: This may contain triggers for those who have been a victim of sexual abuse and for that, I am truly sorry.

I was going to write a nice blog today.
I was. I swear it.
It was going to be lovely and encouraging. Something helpful and relateable.

That is until I opened Yahoo! this morning and saw Adrian Bailey is back in court.

He is appealing the sentence of life for murdering and 15 years for the rape of Jill Meagher.

Apparently the grounds for appeal is that it was not up the the sentencing judge to determine that his rape and murder of her was “one of the worst kinds conceivable.”


This man had raped 15 times before and was somehow – inconceivably – allowed out to rape and murder a 16th victim. This IS the worst kind of PERSON conceivable, not just the worst crime.

Abuse of women, children and animals is the lowest for of low. People who are weaker, cannot defend themselves and in the case of animals, can’t even talk. Cannot even voice their pain – not that it would ever impact the kinds of people who do these horrible things.

It was not Jill Meagher’s fault she was raped and murdered. It was Adrian Bailey’s.
He made a conscious decision to violate her and murder her in the worst possible way.
He made the decision with her and the other 15 women he did it to before her.

People like this do not deserve to be able to appeal their sentence. I am not really one for capital punishment either, but in some cases…
IT HORRIFIES me that people are going to bat for this man – not that he could really be called a man.

It disgusts me that there is still a culture in this world of “Maybe if she didn’t walk home…” or “Maybe if that other lady was wearing a longer skirt… A higher cut top, less tight pants… Hand her hair shorter, darker, less make up, maybe if she was a bit older, a bit younger…”
Do you see how ridiculous it gets?

A woman, regardless of age, size, location, nationality, religion or any other feature sure be able to walk down the street or dark alley for that matter STARK FUCKING NAKED and the only thing that should happen is either a) someone gives her a jacket or something or b) someone calls the police who do something because clearly children shouldn’t be seeing the lady stark naked on their way to school. (Of course I’m exaggerating here, but you get my drift.)

She shouldn’t be expecting to get raped. She shouldn’t have to look over her shoulder and wonder who’s those steps are.

She shouldn’t have to worry about the person she’s chatting to at the pub who just offered to buy her a drink.

Do you know why?


The worst kind of animals alive, rape.

This whole fucking culture of maybe she deserved it disgusts me. The fact that this animal can appeal his sentence, disgusts me.
Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for people can change and second chances and that shit but you know what? He proved he doesn’t deserve a second chance the first time he raped someone.

Jill Meagher shouldn’t have died. It’s that simple.
Those other women who were raped by him, shouldn’t have been raped.

It terrifies me that I’m raising my daughter in a society where someone who is so heinous has so many rights and she will be the one who has to look over her shoulder.


Find the news story here


7 thoughts on “MEN don’t rape.

  1. The “she deserved it” attitude is so ingrained in our culture that it’s going to take a lot of time, effort and enlightenment to change things. I was raped at 15 years old at a party by a teenaged boy, and still, 20 years later, I still think “maybe I shouldn’t have had so much to drink”… I know better. I know I didn’t deserve to lose my virginity that way, no matter how stupid I was. But the attitude persists.

    • I was ALMOST date raped and managed to pour myself into a taxi before not being able to move at all for the next 40 minutes, climbing into bed and losing 10 hours.

      I feel for you so much. Definitely not your fault.

  2. I am a victim of abuse. I was abused 4 times as a child. It’s super hard for me to talk about it and women/people like you to help voice these tragedies needs to be done. Mine was bought to justice but he still walks the street trawling for more victims. These… things need to be locked away for more than just a few years.

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