Nutritional Cleansing – My 30 Days

*this post is not paid for and all opinions are my own. I did receive a President’s Pak for my review*

So amongst my bitching and moaning over the last month (I know I bitch and moan more than that but this is just specifically about my health and the shitty food I’m eating) an opportunity presents itself to me – a 30 day cleanse.

I talk to people about it and all I hear is good things. There are professional body builders doing it, personal trainers recommending it, a friend has just started and he won;t shut up about it. Plus Carmen, the lovely lady behind Mummy to Millionaire is so stunning when we talk on skype – she is a ball of passion and energy about this system that has changed her life.
She told me it was possible as a mother of young children to not wake up tired and I was like SIGN ME UP!

And so we did. The system is called Isagenix and it is a nutritional cleanse. You have shake days and cleanse days.
I am on my first cleanse day now. It is day three and guess what? I woke up this morning and I’m not tired!

This is the pack I got sent:


Plus a blender. I didn’t include a picture of the blender. If you want me to, I will. Because lets face it, shiny new things in the kitchen are fucking exciting. (Or is that just me…?)


So the day you start – Day 1 (obviously) you take your measurements. And a sexy half asleep before photo in those really comfy bonds undies you own. Ahem.

Weight: 64.8kg
Waist: 66cm
Lower waist: 85cm
Hips: 102cm
Thighs: 60cm
Bust: 81cm

I measured a few spots on my lower half because that’s where I’m hoping to lose the fat from!

So basically how it works: You cut the shit from your life, your food, your drinks, your smoking! Tsk Tsk! (yes you do have to cut out coffee – something I never thought I could do but I feel SO much better in the mornings!!) and you flood it with nutritional goodness. Twice a month you do two cleanse days (which is what I’m doing now). The rest is shake days.
I love it already because it is flexible. You are told, twice a day is shakes (breakfast and dinner) And then you have a healthy lunch (within the calorie guidelines) and snacks are of your choice as well which makes it so easy.

Although, can I say, the Isabars omfg Are AMAZING. I am actually worried I will run out of them before the 30 days are up. They are SO good. They are actually so good I was like “Hey Tattoodaddy, you’re still hungry after dinner – try this.”
And he wanted another one.
If they all go missing…

Carmen is really comprehensive with the questions about your health and fitness so she can best help you – I will put up my Personal Assessment later for you all to read. And she genuinely cares. there is a whole facebook group I have been invited into that are so lovely and answer and questions and Carmen checks in often just to see how I’m going, how I’m feeling – it’s so nice to have someone who wants you to do well at something and wants you to live a happier, healthier life.

Last thing – You start the day drinking from a shot glass.
Feels just like Uni again 😉


Carmen Rumsey 
Mobile: 0437 551 111
Skype Name:  love2cleanse
You can find her on Facebook as well at Mummy to Millionaire

Tell her I sent you 🙂


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