Nutritional Cleansing – Pizza? Oops

*I received a President’s Pak from Mummy to Millionare to review over the course of a month however all opinions are mine and no payment has been exchanged*
Didn’t I tell you I was going to share my personal analysis sheet with you?


CCF08102013_00001So how’s that.
There you have me and my eating habits, laid bare. Including how often I poop.
Carmen is pretty thorough with the questions and she is good at understanding what is going on too.
She has two young children and gets the complete exhaustion (well she did before she started Mummy to millionaire for her Isagenix business and now she insists she wakes up fresh as a daisy. And when I spoke to her via skype, she looked it)

The weekend was supposed to be my first cleanse. My “shake days’ are going well, I wake up, have my shot of Ionix – which I expected to taste absolutely terrible but it is surprisingly nice – and have a shake for breakfast. Easy and simple. Morning tea I usually have some tuna on rice crackers, my various nutritional supplements which include a women’s multivitamin and an anti-aging blend. Lunch I’ll have a salad or a salad sandwich with chicken/beef on it. Afternoon tea I’ll have half a bar (because if I only have half at a time they last longer!) and then dinner I have another shake and more vitamins.
You CAN switch around your meals so you have shake for breakfast and lunch the eat dinner, but you just need to be mindful of the calories and type of food you’re eating because you’re eating it all before you go to bed and it will just sit in your stomach.
How do I know?

Well, on my facebook page I said I had a blowout on what was meant to be my second cleanse day.
Silly me, went to a children’s party unprepared. I didn’t take my cleanse drink for lunch or any of the snacks you are given to eat during the day. So I figured I’d be okay, I was hungry so I had a small grilled chicken skewer. And then cake. And then some lollies. And then a friend from Sydney turned up at our house and my sister took the kids for the whole night and a promise to bring them home after LUNCH the next day. And we got pizza. It was proper Italian pizza made with lots of fresh ingredients but it was definitely not on my cleanse list :/ …and then maybe some icecream. But seriously it was Baskin and robin’s Love Potion and how can you say no to it?!

I told Carmen this and she knew what I meant. I told her I was going to sit down and work out my diary so I can fit in two more cleanses before the month is up, but I’ll plan them on daycare days because I feel that will be easier. She agreed and said that is when she organises hers for, too.
It’s so lovely having someone to talk to who actually knows what it’s like trying to organise life around children. She is so supportive it’s not even funny.

I can definitely say that even after just a week I am more awake during the day, not relying on OR craving coffee, although I do miss the taste of it. I feel better and more calm in myself, more capable.

I have been asked a bit about how much it costs and how you organise it and all that jazz, so if you talk to Carmen, she can help you with that. There is a money back guarantee for the end of the 30 days so if you don’t like it or it’s not for you, you’re not wasting any money. Her details are:

Carmen Rumsey 
Mobile: 0437 551 111
Skype Name:  love2cleanse
You can find her on Facebook as well at Mummy to Millionaire

She definitely won’t bite. She isn’t even pushy (which is refreshing!) She just wants ot help people be their healthiest self, which I can relate to.

Find my first blog about it HERE



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