I Self Sabotage and I’m Good at it.

It’s true.
I was doing well on the cleanse.
Feeling amazing with ridiculous amounts of energy.
Remembering to take all my vitamins and my snacks and everything.
I hadn’t felt so awake in ages.

And then we had friends over.
Friends I was providing food for.
And instead of some nice fruit and veg with some clean dips, I did sausage rolls and chicken nuggets. And chips.
And I ate some of those chicken nuggets and chips.
Because I could.
Because they were there.
And I knew if I bought them I would eat them, why did I do it?

And I vomited for 2 hours afterwards.

I felt terrible for it.
And with this cleanse, I knew I felt good but I didn’t realise HOW good I was feeling and how well my body was feeling until I put something into it that it’s not meant to have.
After all the dry retching in the middle of the night that I did, when I eventually threw up – do you know what it was?
A layer of oil. I am not even kidding. IT sat on the water as it does when you put hot water into a frying pan.
It was disgusting to think I had willingly ingested something my body so violently disliked.

And today, I feel like shit. I have been tired all day.
My head feels “fuzzy”
I just don’t feel as alive as I did 2 days ago.

I can’t wait to do my next cleanse day now.
I know my body is responding well to what it is being given and I want to treat it properly.

Oh, did I tell you that I lost 2.1kg in the first week?

And Carmen, the lovely woman she is, just asked how I’m feeling.
Sympathised that it is horrible to be retching around kids and then looking after them the next day.
AMAZING woman and amazing service.

Carmen Rumsey 
Mobile: 0437 551 111
Skype Name:  love2cleanse
You can find her on Facebook as well at Mummy to Millionaire

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