All You’ve Got is You

If there is one thing I have realised from this cleanse, it’s how good eating well makes me feel.
How good looking after myself makes me feel.
I’m sleeping better.
I’m calmer.
I’m happier.
I’m starting to tackle all those things I have put in the “Too Hard” basket.
I DO feel that this is owed to the vitamins, to my body getting the required nutrients to function.

I even applied for (AND GOT!) a job!

It’s reminding me of how good I used to feel.
It’s bringing back goals I had but let slip away because they too, went in the Too Hard basket.
It is probably something to do with my self sabotaging – which I’m so good at – that has also let it fall to the wayside.
It has to do with fear; what if I try and fail. What if I try and I succeed? What then?

The crazy thing is, this cleanse? I haven’t even been eating as clean as I was before I got lazy and gave up on myself a little.
But I will be. I can’t wait to go to the markets tomorrow and resubmerge myself in the freshness of it all.

And I have to thank Carmen for her constant support and asking me how I’m feeling because it’s easy to not realise how good you feel, until you go back to feeling shit.And I do not want to go back to feeling shit.

Tomorrow I am going back to the gym with my whole heart – which I haven’t done in a while. I’m going to smash out a legs session because that is my body part which I feel needs the most work and I may as well start hard.

And then I will go to the beach with my children. I will enjoy the energy in my body and the clarity in my head.

And I will have a great night sleep at the end of it.


Carmen Rumsey 
Mobile: 0437 551 111
Skype Name:  love2cleanse
You can find her on Facebook as well at Mummy to Millionaire


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