Sometimes, shit in life just piles up.
You might hate your job.
you might not have enough money to pay the bills for a couple of weeks.
You might not know what to get someone for their birthday, Christmas – whatever.
You might not have the money to be able to do it.

These things all fucking suck.
You may feel like you’re trapped in a job you hate because what would happen if you leave? You’ve got no time to look for another job because you’re spending crazy hours at the shitty one you have now.


So when someone asks you “Hey what’s up?”
Don’t tell them to stop fucking asking.
They ask because they care.
They ask because they want to share the burden.
They ask because they want to know if they can help in any way.

Every time you give a cold shoulder, or say “nothing” when it is plainly clear that there is most definitely something, every time you put up a wall, they are putting one up too.

Not a lot of things hurt more than knowing someone is hurting, needing help and offering that help and being shut down. Time and time again.

And they’ll stop asking because it hurts too much to watch someone you care about close themselves off you. And maybe they’ll stop caring, focusing more on the fact that you never wanted the help before, never cared enough or trusted them enough to share the burden.

Maybe one day when you desperately need to talk, they will all have stopped asking “What’s up?”
Because the only thing that is up now is walls.



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