It’s My Birthday! (on Wednesday)




So because it’s my birthday I know you’re all stressing about what to buy because you’re in a fuss over Christmas and you kind of forgot.
It’s okay, I forgive you!
But I really don’t want to end up with another last minute soap set that are the cheapie Christmas present you get those second cousins you only see every three years.

Never fear, I have made a list for you so you know just what, from where!

1. Plush Tyrantrum

So those of you who know me IRL know that I play a lot of Pokémon X and my favourite is my Tyrantrum. To the point that it sometimes says “Tyrantrum and Jess are so in sync they are breathing in perfect harmony!” I sort of expect the next one to be “Tyrantrum is watching jess while she showers!” but nevertheless I love the big dino so one of these would be amazing.



2. Leather Cuff – Alice Style.

This is amazing. Lately a lot of things in my life have seemed impossible to obtain and because of that life has been a bit shit lately. Everything has just piled up. I need to remember that impossible happens all the time. Plus it’s super cute and stylish.



Steam Credit

This is obvious really. You use it to buy games on the internets. You can get it from EB games. Looks like this:


4. Tattoo Voucher

I have a tattoo on my leg that has been an outline for over 7 years. And no, I’m not kidding. 7 years. It’s one of those things I always mean to get around to but something always gets in the way and I never seem to have money for. So you can get it for me!

5. Cleaner

‘Nuf said, really.

6. A Child Free Night Some Time

This would be amazing. Don’t get me wrong – I love ’em. They just never fucking stop. And I mean never. I think they could take on the Energiser Bunny. If you threw in a voucher for Latitude 30 I think I would love you forever.



7. Boobs.

You had to know it was going to be on the list right?

There are many other things I would like for my birthday. You could pay off my debt, that would be fantastic. You could by me an X-trail or a Navara, but that just feels like I’m getting greedy…

What was top of your list for your birthday?


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