It’s The Small Things

At the moment, the small things is all I’ve got.
Friends willing to babysit t help out.
Dexter telling me he loves me AND he likes me.
Frozen grapes.
A glass of wine.

Our bird flew away.
He’s been seen hanging out with others of his kind in our area, but isn’t coming home.

Highs and lows.

Managed to work out how to pay all the bills this week AND get Christmas presents for the family sorted.
Forgot about a stupid auto debit order thing that puts me out $160.

Highs and lows.

It’s weird to not know how you got exactly where you are, only that you need to get out of it, and quickly.

Small things.
Baby steps.


6 thoughts on “It’s The Small Things

  1. The small things are so precious and help put life back into perspective, don’t they? A cuddle from my two year old, a Christmas card arriving in the mail, a text messaging letting me know someone was thinking of me.
    Hope you have a fantastic weekend xxx

  2. I couldn’t agree more. Getting kids to bed without having to go in there every 3 minutes to tell them to get back into bed. Dishes done. Xmas lights on. Then realising that you can’t keep everyone happy all the time. Have a great Monday

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