FFS Friday – None Given

My bed has been wee’d in twice this week FFS
And it definitely wasn’t because I was blind drunk FFS

It wasn’t even by me No FFS

I’m clearing out my house of everything we don’t really need No FFS
The definition of need varies greatly between myself, tattoodaddy and the kids FFS

I have put a bajillion things on local buy swap and sell sites. No FFS
People keep liking but not buying it FFSJust buy my stuff!

I now have two jobs  No FFS
My super cheap babysitter also got a job FFS
Most of my days are now spent bribing friends with food and hugs to get them to look after my children FFS
Most of my childless friends treat looking after my children as a joyful novelty No FFS
They think my kids are angels. No FFS
They return to normal as soon as they get back in my car FFS

I managed to buy all the extended presents for a bargain price yesterday No FFS
Still haven’t managed to pick up the layby for my kids yet FFS
Tattoodaddy will definitely have to wait until after Christmas FFS

Next year I’m just taking the kids and going into hiding for a few months so they forget Christmas even exists.


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