FFS Friday – Guilt About Stuff

It is only four sleeps until Christmas – FFSWhen did the year go so quickly? FFS

I am suffering serious guilt about the lack of stuff my kids own – FFS
I know they don’t need a lot of things so why is this happening FFS

Everywhere I look people are carting massive trolleyfuls of presents for their offspring. FFS

Dex told Santa he would only like 3 presents under the tree please No FFS

Will my children get teased about the lack of stuff they have? FFS
I cannot think of things when people ask me what to get them – FFS
Maybe I’m just a terrible parent when I’d rather them play outside or go swimming and I don’t want them to have a 2DS because they won’t respect it or look after it properly FFS

Also going on is still trying to get my car sorted out from hail damage 6 weeks ago FFS
They don’t communicate at all FFS
NRMA have two kinds of telephone operators – Super helpful (no ffs) or complete bitch FFS
Just write the fucker off and be done with it FFS
So much uncertainty is completely shit because we have me working 2 jobs, TD is full time, two kids and one car. They call us up with a couple hours notice and expect us to be able to drop the car off for the day FFS
There is no replacement car for your use FFS
I have had to walk a 2 year old and a 4 year old along a highway multiple times now FFS
Granted it is the main street through Coffs and there are sidewalks but there are also a shitload of big trucks. FFS
If they do repair it – we have to wait until around February. We wanted to sell it in November. The one that just went. FFS

There are too many people to see Christmas time FFS
And I don’t get time off because the joys of retail FFS
I’m pretty sure everyone thinks I hate them because I’m always the one saying no sorry, we can’t come to that FFS
I just want to go away and have sun and sand and time with my kids and not have to worry about anything or anyone. Is that too much to ask FFS

Now I have to get ready for work FFS


2 thoughts on “FFS Friday – Guilt About Stuff

  1. I don’t get my kids much for Christmas. Same reason, they just don’t need much. It only becomes yet another thing I have to pick up off of the floor anyway. And when people ask for ideas? I have none. All I can think is please no clothes/books/craft/junk because my kids have plenty of clothes, four bookshelves filled with books, four craft tubs filled, and I throw junk out. I’d be happy if people out $10 into the kids saving accounts or brought them a packet of balloons. My kids are outside 90% of the time anyway.

    That is an absolute joke about your car.

    • I know what you mean about gift ideas – our family (grandparents and great grandparents) had all agreed to chip in for swimming lessons for both the kids for Christmas, birthday etc.
      they did it twice and have reverted back to “stuff” I fucking hate it.

      Car is doing my fucking head in. I just want it fixed or written off so we can sell it.

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