Last night we had people over for a business thing.
One of them is an early childhood educator whom I respect very much.
I mentioned to him that I had finally gotten an Occupational Therapist appointment for Dex.
I hadn’t mentioned to him all of the things going on with Dex.
He asked what I hoped that would achieve and I told him I think Dex has some sensory things going on. He nodded and replied “I had noticed that but I didn’t want to say anything in case I offended.”

It is a relief that it is not just me that sees it.
I worry that I sound like a terrible person, complaining about my child. But I’m not complaining. Yes, he’s difficult. Very, very difficult sometimes when it is all too much for him and me. Even more difficult in that his sister copies him and also listens to him when he encourages her to do things he knows will get him in trouble -so he can say she did it.
But he is also beautifully loving and gorgeously emotional.
He loves holding your face and looking in your eyes to tell you he loves you. His favorite thing is to have a big snuggle. He would lie in bed and let you read to him all day. He tries so hard to please and impress everyone he meets.

I just want his world to make more sense.
I have to fill out a sensory profile soon and when I asked what things he had noticed, my friend replied that Dex flinches a lot when he’s touching things. I actually hadn’t noticed it as much as that. I had noticed a couple of times but it is always good to ask someone else – you might miss it because you’re around it all the time. It’s just your normal.

24th January cannot come fast enough.


4 thoughts on “Relief

  1. I admire that when someone mentioned that they had also noticed things with Dex that you didn’t get offended or upset, that you took it as an opportunity to discuss the issue with someone who may be able to give you advice or another point of view.
    Before I hady kids when I worked in childcare I worked closely with the special needs children at the daycare centre and I’ve found that I tend to notice things in friends children. I never speak up for the same reason as your friend. It’s not often that a parent will welcome the opinion of another, so well done to you. I honestly believe it only helps you to better understand and help Dex.
    Good luck with everything.

    • MY friend said he didn’t feel like it was his place to say – but honestly, what can I be other than grateful that someone cares about my kids enough to notice those things.
      It doesn’t help anyone to get offended and it’s not an attack on me. Makes me sad that some people take it that way.

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