It is easy to forget all the good amongst the mundane shit of every day life.
Paying bills, doing groceries, hanging the washing, cleaning up dog shit so the other half can mow the lawn… Sometimes this can all bog you down and you sort of forget.

2013 has been a fucking amazing year, when I look at it.
When I look at the important things.

We took a leap. A gigantic, leap of hope and faith (with a bit of research to back it).
And whilst it isn’t amazing and there have been moments that we have seriously considered closing, it is paying it’s own bills at least.
Most amazing of this whole adventure has been the friends we’ve made.
I never thought that a small trading card business would bring into my life people who care about my family and I so much.
People who’s words of support and encouragement have kept us going.
Friends who love my kids.
Friends who I can be myself around.

2013 has been amazing for a friend as well, she’s just had her 3rd child, their business is going fantastic and I’m so happy for her. I’ve known her over 4 years now and I’m so grateful to call her a friend still (plus she lets me sniff her newborn which is always a bonus).

2013 has been an spectacular year for my sister who lost approx 30kg and followed her dreams and is now living in Canada, doing what she wanted to do for so long and finally living her happy life. I miss her to the moon and back but I wouldn’t have her anywhere else – I am so glad she is finally doing things for herself and loving herself enough to follow her heart.

2013 has been a fantastic year for TD and I – there have been many disagreements, but more importantly, we’ve worked our way through them. We’ve talked and recognised and tried to fix. Now if we could just have some actual time together wouldn’t that be fucking incredible.
Our children are another year older. Life is another year lived.
I’ve met people IRL I had only known online and they were just as wonderful (if not more so)

Thanks 2013 – you’ve been pretty swell.


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