What Your Friendly Sales Assistant is Thinking – A Rant

I work in a store that has underwear, activewear and sleepwear.
For the most part, I really enjoy my job. The girls I work with are cool, they pay me good money and it gets me out of the house.
You know what would make me enjoy it more though?

Apparently, that is not what I’m meant to do.
No, here’s a list of the things I do:

1. Tidy and completely refold and reorganise the sleepwear table so you (the customer) can have easy access to the styles you want. In theory this should only need to be done in the afternoon, because I figured most people are capable of refolding a pair of shorts or  a singlet in half after looking at it. APPARENTLY NOT. Apparently, the thing to do is to actually throw said items down in a heap on the table. Sometimes while I’m standing on the other side still tidying the table.

2. Restack the underwear and size order them. No, that doesn’t happen by magical fairies floating in and making sure they all sit neatly on top of each other in size order. THAT’S ME!
Same goes, don’t fucking throw them, or fold them all in half so you can see which size they are and leave them. It’s not that hard!

3. I hang stuff. And it is all hung the same way on the hangers with the hangers facing the same way. The easiest way in which to get them on and off the rack. So why the FUCK do people insist on pulling something off the rack – so easily – and putting it back the wrong way, which is a fucking bitch to do, usually ends up with more items on the floor than the hanger because of the awkward angle you need to put it at. STOP AND LOOK. THINK. ACT. Simple.

4. I pick up random piles of tried on items that people think it is okay to just leave on various tables all around the place. Because, you know, walking those two extra steps to the counter or a sales assistant to hand them over and say “Sorry, they just don’t suit me” or something along those lines is too fucking much. Lets just play hide and seek with shit instead.

5. This one is my favourite. I serve you. I scan things, chat about how your day is, take your money. Just some common courtesy here. If I say hello and ask how your day is – YOU ANSWER. You don’t continually text on your phone and just say “yep”. IT IS RUDE. If your text was that important write it before you come to the counter.
On the same note of money, don’t throw it over the counter at me. I will not go searching for it if it doesn’t land on the counter. I will tell you that I need more money. Just because I’m working there doesn’t mean you can treat me rudely.

I DO love my job. I love helping people. To every lovely, kind chatty, person, thank you. To the pregnant mother who was buying pjs and I asked if she was preparing her maternity bag and she ended up telling me about her beautiful baby boy who was stillborn last September, thank you. I love what I do because I see the good I’m doing. And some people might not think it’s much good and that’s okay.
But please, don’t be rude.


2 thoughts on “What Your Friendly Sales Assistant is Thinking – A Rant

  1. You said it! I don’t work in a shop but as a shopper I find it annoying that people don’t put the clothes back properly because it makes it hard to see your size etc. If I’m looking at something and the hanger is around the wrong way or not in proper order I fix it lol …It’s just easier to find what you want when it’s tidy.

  2. I work in a busy country coffee shop. We are on a a main tourist route and its holiday time…5 of us work flat out trying to cook, make coffee, serve people, clean up after people and give endless directions. Its hot and we are tripping over each other. The aircon is wonderful in the cafe however it doesnt reach the kitchen, Im sure you get the picture.
    Enter a couple, middle aged, well dressed and obviously having a nice relaxing holiday.
    The shop is full, its lunch time, people are waiting, some not so patiently.
    The man fronts up to counter and I say, ” Hi what would you like?” he loudly replies “Do you make good coffee here?” Thinking to himself what a funny man I am!
    I replied, staring him straight in the eye, “sorry matey, only shit coffee you may have to go somewhere else” (we are 80ks from somewhere else).
    His wife and several other customers laughed at him, the look on his face was priceless!
    Yes, I to, love some of the general public and no its not just your mum reading this blog!

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