I am applying for a management position at my current job.
I am hopeful.

Feeling a little overwhelmed at what the job will entail as our manager has left and feeling that it will help me in my quest, I have assumed the management role in the store.
Complete with sorting out rosters, working through lunch breaks and 6am starts. (Okay, it was one 6 am start. But still)

It’s not just because I want the job.
It’s because I feel a sense of pride.

That is my workplace.
I am representing it. I feel that an unkempt workplace says a lot about the people working there (unless it is obvious they have been smashed with customers etc) I don’t know.
I just feel responsible.

I do enjoy my work.
I enjoy the people I work with.

I want something that I can turn into a career.
A smaller management position can lead to bigger management positions.
Positions eventually, in different companies, cities, countries?

But not now.
now, I would love this job.
I know it will be hard work.
I know I will miss my babies.
But still.

We shall see.


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