Pee Tests And Ultrasounds

No it’s not what you think.
No baby.
I had my period 2 weeks ago (and before your say but that doesn’t mean you’re not pregnant, I know a girl who went through her entire pregnancy without knowing, went to the hospital with suspected  appendicitis and they were all “well, you’re 10cm – start pushing! So I know it happens).
I peed on a stick.  Negative.
I went to the Dr’s and peed in a jar and that was negative.

And now I’m on a position of nausea, vomiting and cramping pains in my lower abdomen/between my hips for about 4 weeks now.
Sometimes it’s a dull ache, sometimes it’s a stabbing pain that makes me feel ill.
It’s not a uti/bladder infection, he checked that too.

I had blood test done – always interesting taking a 2 year old and a 4 year old along in a blood test – what’s that? Why? What’s she doing now? How many more bloods does she need?

And I have a request for an ultrasound.
Which says “urgent”.
And an order from him to come straight in after my appointment for the ultrasound and not worry about an appointment with him, just tell the staff that I need to see him and he will see me.
He doesn’t think it is an ovarian cyst because I would have been in more pain when he was pressing my stomach.

I’m not quite sure when that leaves me, other than awake after midnight worrying about tomorrow.


4 thoughts on “Pee Tests And Ultrasounds

  1. Thinking of you darling. Try not to worry. Whatever they throw at you will not change with worry. Easier said than done I know. You can face tomorrow and go from there, a step at a time. Sending all my love. Please keep us informed. Will be thinking of you.

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