I’m so torn lately.
Between the shoulds and coulds and maybes and is it best for and what ifs.

My brain is stuck in a million little places of all the things I want to do and see and be and it means I can’t do or be or see any of them.

I need to decide what is most important to me right now.
It’s scary because no matter what, you miss things. Always, missing things.

Sometimes wouldn’t it be easier if someone just said “this is who you are. Who you’re going to become. Do this. ”

But I guess that wouldn’t really be living now, would it.

So many things I need to do.
Interviews. Appointments. Drop offs and pick ups and opens and closes.
I honestly don’t know how other parents do it all.
Am I the only one who sometimes feels like drowning in the things they should be doing and places they should be?
The only one who wants to just take the kids and run away to a beach and fish and swim and cook and laugh?

Life is just so full.


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