The Constant In His Life

Life is all over the shop at the moment.
Lots of hours at work, being cared for by his aunty and by friends and a new childcare a couple days a week were he hasn’t quite found his footing yet.

Sensory_Toy_Hunter_Hedgehog-2_1024x1024This little guy has been Dexter’s constant.
His sounding board.
When he doesn’t quite know what’s going on or why, or how he feels, this little guy gets a squeeze and his world is centred again.
We were given this to review from Bumpy Land after chatting to her about my fears of Dexter having sensory processing issues.

I expect it to help a little bit.
I did not know how much it would actually help.
Dex has started recognising when he’s upset, uncentred and just not feeling all together and asks for Maxxy (which he has named his Hunter Hedgehog) and you can see him visibly unwind. It is amazing.

We also won some pendants from the facebook page and I am not obligated to review these at all but they have helped as well and I wanted to mention them.

Lola has this one:
SONY DSCAnd Dex has the red one of these:skullpendant_1024x1024These have been fantastic for out and about.
My two have always been fidgeters.
As far as I know, Lola has no sensory issues beyond being an almost 3 year old that has to touch everything. Which is horrid on grocery runs etc as the kids get bored easily.
Cue these guys, which can be rubbed, chewed, put on and off, and when they slide their teeth over them they make a slight squeaking noise.
Suprisingly nothing irritating, but the kids are overjoyed they can make such a noise.
I notice the difference if I don’t have these when we go shopping within about 5 minutes of the grocery trip.
I’m buying more so they can have different colours and styles.

Last thing that comes along on our trips is this:

hairytangle_1024x1024The tangle toy is great because it can be stretched out at pictured, it can be squished into a little ball and pretty much everything in between. It is a puzzle so all the little individual parts come apart, but only Dex has been strong enough to actually pull it apart – Lola hasn’t and I haven’t had an issue with her.
These hang out in my bag for those times when you were just popping in somewhere and it became a longer wait than you expected – usually I pick Pat up from work and these come out when the kids are becoming restless.

I don’t know how I did everything without these before.
It just seems now that I was making it unnecessarily hard on myself.

Jules who runs Bumpy Land literally lives this stuff.
She knows what you’re going through and she knows what you need.
it’s why she opened the store.
Not only that she is a WAHM and I love nothing more than supporting the little guys.

*As stated we received a tangle toy for each child and a Hunter Hedgehog for Dexter. All opinions stated are my own


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