Sex Is Better Than Sleep

Everywhere I turn – parents are saying they would rather sleep than have sex.
I would link the Mamamia article right now but I’m on my phone.


There is nothing sleep gives me that sex doesn’t.
Other than, you know, sleep.
But the sex makes the sleep so much better and I actually feel rested the next morning regardless of the little amount of sleep I’ve had the night before.

It brings closeness and intimacy where in a relationship that is so often spent going to and from work and home and school and cooking and cleaning and everything gets buried under the every day.
Sex is when you can be yourself with your other half.
When nothing else matters.

When I’m feeling like all I am is a mum, frazzled and run down and quite over it, sex makes it all better.

Let’s be honest – you’re a parent.
You’re going to be tired in the morning. There’s no doubt about it.
Why not take an extra 45 minutes and enjoy each other?
Take your mind off everything.
Works for me.

(Or you know, maybe give it a go in the morning because children get up so fucking early, you can put ABC2 on, give them breakfast and an apple and go to town. Probably make sure you shut the door properly though otherwise you might end up with the awkward situation of meeting the gaze of a 2 year old when you turn your head)
Not that I would know.


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