We Don’t Do “Girl” Things

I was recently told by a little four year old that I cannot like Batman – I’m a girl.
After explaining to her that there are no such things as girl things and boy things there are just things and I’m a girl and I do like Batman, she quickly decided she liked Batman too.


If we did “girl” things, look at the cuteness we’d miss out on.

The kids have toys they’re given that are assumed to be gender exclusive like ninja turtles and doll houses.
They share and don’t care about it.
Dex loves the doll house.
Lola loves the train set.

Dex has hot pink lunch box containers.
Lola loves Batman.

i’m not piercing Lola’s ears either.
Because I’m not going to do Dex’s unless he asks, why would I do hers?

It frustrates me that my kids are constantly coming home telling me what’s girl things and boy things and I have to constantly tell them that it’s just things.
All of it is just things.

It reminds me of a picture I’ve seen that is your to choose a gender appropriate toy for a child.
It said “do you operate it with your genitals?”
Yes: not a toy for children
No: boy or girl.


3 thoughts on “We Don’t Do “Girl” Things

  1. This is a HUGE reason of why I don’t want to find out the gender of Baby. Why does he/she need to have everything in pink or blue just because of gender? I find it rather frustrating that doll houses are all pink and things like that. Why do children need to be colour coded?

  2. This shits me too. I was in a shop back in November, beautiful little shop, gorgeous kids stuff, but it was clearly set out by gender. The thing is, most of the stuff that I wanted to get for my little girl was displayed in the “boy” sections. Stuff like dinosaurs. And cool puzzle stuff. The sort of thing that I loved to play with growing up and so does my girl. She also likes to have her nails painted, and to put clips in her hair and to spend the afternoon searching the backyard with her Dad for bugs to put in her bug keeper. She is only 2 and I dread the day she comes home with these silly ideas of boys things and girls things. It’s just crazy. Even as a young child I remember not being able to understand why it was that something was a boys toy, even though I loved it too but I was a girl. It was very confusing, Still is!

  3. That last para cracked my shit up.

    Too’s first christmas list included Batman, John Smith to go with her sisters Pocahontas and a tool belt.

    Also, her name is a unisex one. Her fav colour is blue. ALL THE CONFUSION FOR TOY PURCHASES. *sarcasm font*

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