I Miss Softness

Some days I miss softness of skin.
I miss delicate hands weaving their fingers in mine.
I miss hands through soft hair.
I miss the smell of perfume.
I miss curves of hip and breast.
I miss a body curled in mine on cold nights under the doona.
I miss shy smiles.
I miss sunlight through the blinds onto freckles on cheeks.
I miss watching the time it takes someone to do their hair and makeup, knowing they are trying to look their best for you.
I miss gentle lips and long limbs.

I love tattoodaddy and after 5.5 years it’s still getting stronger.
There are many reasons I love him, one of those being he’s the epitome of masculine protector.

Sometimes though, it feels like I’m lying to myself.
I miss having a female partner for all those reasons I’ve mentioned and more.

I don’t feel this is disloyal to tattoodaddy. He knows I’m bisexual and he knows that I miss being with a female. He also knows I would never leave him for one or do anything whilst we are together.
He knows because he gave me permission and I’ve never acted on it.

Even when you know how amazing everything you have is, you can still miss what you don’t have – how often have you wished for a day that you were single and could do whatever you wanted?

I just miss something a little different.
I’m certain I’m not the only one.


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