Tonight I Became a Crazy Person

The girls over at Operation Move have been making me feel super dooper lazy motivating me to just fucking do it. And as I don’t have a car and won’t for another 2 weeks –  gym visits and few and far between.

You know when it’s raining and you’re driving somewhere you always see that one runner, out in the rain, water streaming off them and they gracefully continue on their way without a care in the world, obviously lost in the rhythm that is their running?

That wasn’t me.

I was the one that managed to be red faced, sweaty, red legged (that what happens when you exercise people, they go red. Same as your face. Red blood cells rise to the surface of your skin to aid in cooling – fun fact)
How the fuck does one sweat in the rain?

I ran 4.2km in 33:08 minutes.
And I felt it all.
I was hungry. I was tired. My hamstrings were tight.
I just wanted to sit on the lounge and do nothing, followed by doing nothing whilst eating ice cream.

But I have goals.
and those goals don’t align with sitting on my ass while it gets bigger.

It wasn’t easy.
I’m not going to lie I was writing inspirational blog posts in my head as I was running so then I couldn’t quit because then I would be a hypocrite.
Only made it a tiny bit easier.
And then I started thinking about all those stupid fucking slogans about when it starts hurting, don’t stop – run faster. Won’t make it hurt less but it will be over sooner.
They are right.

Running hurt.
Exercise is uncomfortable.
None of it hurts as much as having a goal and knowing you didn’t reach it because you just didn’t try enough, though.

p.s. To be like that girl is my goal.
But better.


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