Dreams and Goals

There are lots of inspirational posts about never giving up on your dreams.
There are also lots of inspirational posts with quotes along the lines of “A goal without a time frame is just a dream”

I’m okay with having both.
I think they’re both highly necessary to keep driving us.
I have dreams that I revisit often enough that it keeps me on track with my current goals.
Right now, goals are financial and involve paying things off.

My dreams revolve around being in the fitness industry, living on a property that allows me to have a veggie garden big enough to feed all of us, chickens/ducks, sheep and a couple of cows.
In my dreams only 4-ish days a week of work is required and the rest is spent working around my home. My work hours are focused around the hours in which my children are at school.

I know these dreams enough to know the costs that go with them.
I revisit them. I look at properties. I look at work.

I know these dreams so well that it makes me giddy thinking about getting closer to achieving them. Every time a goal set is accomplished, that is one step closer to the dream.
One day maybe the dream will become a goal. A time frame will be set. A specific plan of achievement will be mapped out. It could be said parts of that are already being done as I’m already doing my Cert III in fitness.
But I’m okay with dreams being dreams and one day becoming goals. Maybe at the point when it does become a goal, I’ll settle on a new dream.
Who knows?

If something isn’t a dream first, what makes you excited to achieve it?
Where is the anticipation and the excitement and the will to plan it out and work for something you’ve wanted forever?



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