A New Leaf


I am motivated to change.
I feel like it’s been building up for a while. Trying to eat better.
Getting involved with a local farm where you can work for produce.
Growing a (small) veggie garden last season.
But I want to do more.


This will house a couple of chickens (to be let out during the day) for eggs and food scraps


That corner will have another veggie patch – it will be made of besablocks so the holes can have marigolds to keep the bugs away


These are herbs and edible flowers


This is waiting for more plants ๐Ÿ™‚
The top photo is our tomatoes which reseeded themselves and our heirloom carrots.

I want a tea garden. And I want to grow all our veggies


With these I’m going to try and do the dirtless root veggies – potato, sweet potato and yakon.
I just want my kids to grow up knowing what real food is and where it comes from.
I want to to be fun and I want them to understand the feeling of eating something they’ve grown.

I don’t want to rely on supermarkets.

I want my money to stay local.


3 thoughts on “A New Leaf

  1. Oh that is so cool!!!! So marigolds keep away bugs? I might need to get some advice off you Jess. We’ve just started growing some herbs, tomatoes, chilli’s, zucchini etc but the bugs keep eating my tomato plants! Waaaa!

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