20 Minute Dinner

Risotto. In the microwave. In 20 minutes.
No way?!
I’ll show you how!

Heaped tablespoon of butter – melt it in a microwave safe bowl – 30 secs
(Side note this fantastic container is a Tupperware winter range and freezer, oven and microwave proof – no I don’t sell it anymore)

Finely dice a medium sized onion.
Mix that in to the butter.
Microwave for a minute.


Add a cup of Risotto rice to the butter and onion.
Microwave for another minute


Add 3 cups of stock. I use vegetable.


In the microwave for 10 minutes.
Meanwhile organise whatever it is you’re adding to your Risotto.
Tonight it is avocado and chicken so I dice the chicken and chuck it in a pan.



Stir. Don’t drop the spoon.
Put on for another 8 minutes.


Stir through 1/3 cup of grated parmesan cheese.
And anything else.
In this case a chicken breast diced and grilled and half an avocado sliced.


Or like this one: roast pumpkin and mushroom

What will you add?


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