Good Night, Two Year Old


Good night my little two year old.
Tomorrow you will wake and be three.
You will smile and clap and giggle at Easter eggs and presents.

You are a beautiful, bubbly, impatient, helpful, petulant,  intelligent tiny human being.

You are so petite that people are surprised When they hear you talk.
You speak so clearly and youhave a way with words.
You are so adorable it hurts.
Everywhere we go, you get comments on your blonde curls. Your smile. Your cheeky laugh.

It all went by in the blink of an eye.
When did you go from a tiny little baby in a hug-a-bub, keeping me awake at all hours to a little three year old as of tomorrow, that climbs into my bed in the middle of the night, voice all muddled with sleep asking for s snuggle and curling in against my stomach.
You still can curl up in the space where you were once held in my belly.
Seeing you like that, feeling you there, you’re still just a baby.
My beautiful, gorgeous, fantastic, impulsive, hilarious baby.

You just amaze me. Every day you say something new, do something new, something sweet.
You love your brother with all your heart and you would do anything for him, as much as he drives you to tears.

I can’t even say how much you complete my family baby girl.
And tomorrow, you’ll wake up my 3 year old. A new day. A new year. New journeys.
You’ll be in my arms as long as you fit, and even after that.

I love you.
Happy birthday.

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