Bribery Or Work Ethic


I took Dexter to the shops.
I let him look around and find a toy he fell in love with.

Then, we bought a money box.
I introduced the idea of pocket money for chores and saving toward a goal.

Every letter he completes (as above) gets him 50c
He gets pocket money at the end of the week provided he does his jobs.
He can earn extra by doing other big jobs like cleaning his sister’s room.

Part of me feels like this is bribery.
I’m bribing him with money to do things I want him too. Part of me knows he should probably do some of them anyway without reward because it’s what is expected.

But what is expected isn’t something that this not quite five year old can comprehend.
I certainly think it’s less emotionally damaging than “it makes Mummy happy when you clean your room”
I am also hoping it teaches him the value of work and what he owns because that can be an issue.

What do you think?
Do you give your kids pocket money?


2 thoughts on “Bribery Or Work Ethic

  1. I don’t think it’s bribery at all! And if he’s cleaning Lola’s room, he deserves payment for that because it’s outside the realm of what is a ‘normal’ chore for him. I wouldn’t pay my kids to dry the dishes but I would for weeding the garden.

  2. I certainly think pocket money is a good thing. It teaches them the value of money and saving and also helps you with a few household chores.
    I have 4 children and they do chores ranging from wiping over the bathroom to feeding animals and keeping rooms tidy.

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