Job Interview

I had s job interview the other day.
I got asked the usual questions.

What do I know about the company.
What I like related to the product the company sells.
What do I do to placate am angry customer.
What do I believe is good customer service.
What exchange and refund policies have I dealt with before.

What do I want from my life outside of a job?
What do I want for my future.
That one threw me.
I can understand why it is asked – shows a goal. Forethought. Dedication. A certain amount of time the applicant is interested in remaining in the area.

And I answered honestly.
I want a property in Coramba.
I want to have a veggie patch and fruit trees – enough to mostly sustain us. I want a couple cows, some sheep and some chickens. And I want a job I enjoy going to. I know every workplace will have those days where you get a terrible customer but I don’t think work is something that should be a chore.


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