Nutcase. Complete Nutcase

*sweary warning*

I was actually going to call this post holy fucking shitballs but I didn’t want to be reported on facebook for my language.
So nutcase it is.

In between eating and ranting on facebook about the load of bullshit the budget is writing to my local MP’s asking what they’re going to do about the effects of the budget on our community, I had a job interview.

And I don’t know if it was my fantastic new jeans or just how completely amazing I was am, I must have wowed the pants of them because I got the job without them even calling my references.


Except now, holy shit.
All the lunches.
I am now seeing the merit of the sandwiches my mother used to make and freeze in mass amounts because they were easy (and a bit frozen in winter, but hey you can’t have everything)

But worse than that, MY lunches.
I think I’ll end up taking brown rice and flavoured tuna because, well. I’m lazy.
And because I’m lazy I have to be organised.
Or it’s just a shit fight.

also has anyone noticed the amount of swearing is directly related to the amount of anxiety?

I sort of feel like a crazy person for even thinking I can do this.
But I can do this, right?!


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