Shower Blog

Yes this blog is coming to you live,from my shower


Shower selfie included. I wonder if I tagged shower selfie my stats would go up…
I kid. I don’t even have any make up on, does it even count as a selfie these days?
My point is, being a full time working parent is fucking hard. I’m still trying to get the balance.
And by balance I mean find time to do everything.
And by that I mean I have in the past week written both my meal plan and grocery list in the shower.
And now a blog.
Huzzah for waterproof phones hey! Multitasking at its best.
Look at me I’m getting clean/having precious alone time without children climbing all over me (and by alone time I mean actually just being alone, not the other kind of “alone time”) and being productive.
Certainly that will have brands lining up to work with me yes? No.
But oh well. They don’t want to work with the lady that can blog in her shower, they don’t know what they’re missing.
And also, I am wondering, what would you like me to write about? Other than random shower thoughts because I know you wonder if you are the only person who has considered writing your grocery list in the shower) obviously not).

Last question: do you sit on the floor in the shower too?


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