Butterfly in a jar

The video didn’t upload, but I highly recommend you google it.
Amazing. I’ll try and upload to youtube and add it in when I’m not on a mobile device 😉

This amazing butterfly in a jar is from the national geographic shop and I would recommend it.
Lola ADORES it.
And nope, this isn’t sponsored and I didn’t receive one for review purposes, I just think it’s gorgeous and the perfect present for boys or girls.


Decorating For Christmas

We don’t have a massive house with tonnes of room to hang decorations. We do have an average suburban house with a cat that likes to sit on windowsills and push glass jars off. So these are the little things we do to make our house ready for Christmas.

Strangely, the cat has not touched the tree or any of the decorations. I thought for sure the first time we went out, I would come home to it smashed on the ground.


Centrepeice on the dining table


On the windowsill in the toilet


In the bathroom – the kids painted the paper to make the chain around the mirror


Our Christmas Tree. It came with the white snowy looking leaves, glitter and red berries – only need half the decorations!


I got a whole bunch of mason jars from the op shop for $2 each. Perfect for making seasonal decorations.


Tucked into little corners to add festivity


My candle wreath


Candle holders I bought last Christmas from Adairs


I’m Teaching My Children About Christmas

We don’t do Jesus.
We don’t do religion.
I can respect that to some people this is what Christmas is all about the birth of Jesus and the Three Wise Men and the Nativity and the Star.
But for my children, I will let them discover religion themselves when they are older.
I will answer their questions as honestly and objectively as I can and they can decide.

So for us, Christmas is about the spirit of giving.
It is about thinking of others.
Putting people before yourself.
Saying “Thank you for being the wonderful person you are and thank you for sharing your life with me this past year”.
It is about being grateful for what you have, the tangible and intangible.

I’m teaching my children that always, but especially at Christmas, we give to those less fortunate.
I’m teaching my children that something you made and put effort and love into, is more important than something you bought.
I’m teaching my children that while we might not get everything we want, we have everything we need and we should be grateful.
I’m teaching my children that family are our most important gift.

We clean out our toys in the lead up to Christmas and we give them to the “Sick children”. We either take them to the hospital or to Daycare.
They don’t get everything that want for Christmas because it’s not necessary.
We pick children from the Wishing Tree who are the same age as our two and buy them a present to show them that every little thing matters.
They help me make jams and scones.
They paint pictures for me to cut up and turn into garlands.

I love teaching them about Christmas.

What is Christmas in your house?

Ho Ho fucking Ho.

I am so completely over Christmas.

We have three families. I have one set of parents, TD has two.

Lucky for my children, they have 6 sets of grandparents plus the great grandparents that get added in when one marries into a family.

Unfortunately, this means there is a lot of visiting to happen at Christmas.

And when people don’t get their way, they don’t like it.

One parent in particular may as well be stamping his feet or laying on the floor kicking and screaming he is acting that childish.

I’m almost at the point of saying “Fine! We’re not visiting anyone!” I will stay at my house and eat ninjabread cookies and if you want to see me or my children, you come and visit us.

That’s how it was when I was younger, everyone visited us because it was easier that way. I know for most of my family members it’s not possible because of work commitments etc and it IS easier for us to visit because we have a little more flexibility but for Whoever’s sake, just give us a break!

I just feel like the whole spirit of Christmas is lost in who’s doing what, who’s seeing who, when’s it my turn, what do you want?

If you don’t know me well enough to get me something I will love – without having to ask me – you shouldn’t be buying me a present. That simple.

What I want is to not be asked “What do you want?” Every five minutes. I also don’t want to be asked “Is X dollars an ok amount?” Yes, it’s fine. Anything is fine. Anything is going to be appreciated. There is no need for he’s spending this much so I have to, too. It’s pointless and takes the thought out of it in my opinion.

And for FUCK SAKES people. Learn how to drive, use your indicators and park. We’re all in a rush. We all still have a bagillion things to do before Santa comes.  Would it KILL you to show some Christmas spirit in the car park? And if one more sorry arse lazy person parks in the parent parking, I will give my toddler the keys and stand him next to your car.

Now, I’m going to go and make my ninjabread cookies. And find my Christmas spirit in the bottom of a glass of moscato.

Oh (fake) Christmas Tree





Thought I’d ease myself back into the world of blogging by sharing my tree with you.

I just put it up by myself because that is a lot easier than the alternative of toddler smashing glass baubles and baby eating glass baubles.

I also put it up on a table because Lola is not quite cruising furniture yet, although i’m sure that bastard murphy is teaching her as she sleeps so she can play with the tree tomorrow.

Our angel’s wings fell off so it’s actually an androgynous being in a mumu chilling on the to of the tree.

I love this tree because 1. It was a bargain I got at k mart after christmas and 2. It comes partially decorated with red berries, fake snow and glitter.

And yes, it has come to my attention that I don’t own christmas lights. Shame on me.

I have also added the christmas photo from this year. Because everyone loves a photo of a photo and creepy santa is creepy.